Hampton Forks' Meal Plans are an extension of our private chef & concierge catering programs and are affordable, convenient, simple but unique meals. 

NO unhealthy oils

100% Extra Virgin Oil Oil - Avocado Oil Coconut Oil/Cold/Expeller-Pressed

Maldon & Other Sea Salts

meal delivery

$12 Meal Plan

From Roasted & braised meats and seafood to French, Italian, Asian & Medterranean classics; all meals includes: 4-5 oz protein, starch & composed vegetables. May be modified for 100% Gluten-Free, 100% Organic, Heritage, Grassfed, etc. 

Weekly Menu



Enjoy plant-based dining as you should with unique, exciting options based on regional, classical cuisines with the inclusion of cheese, eggs & butter. Make it Vegan for 100% plant-based.

Weekly Menu


Someone’s gettin’ their cheese on! #arti

Cheese plates, sandwich platters, composed salads, soups & sides as well as larger format dinners.

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Always Available


  • 2 Meal Minimum Order

  • All Meals $12 (Basic/Vegetarian/Vegan)

         $15 for Additional Options Selections

           Extras Additional

  • ALL Dietary Preferences

        GF, Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan

        Low Sodium, No Whites, etc.

  • Additional Options (nominal supplement)

           100%  Organic, Grassfed, Heritage

        Pasture-Raised, Extra Protein, etc

Don't see what your craving?

Simply pick a meal and fully customize w Options or in Comments.